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5 Best Smart Thermostat For Wet Underfloor Heating



Selecting the right thermostat for your home is important if you want to enhance the heating experience and get the most out of your underfloor heating system. Plus, this device can easily help you regulate your property’s temperature.

In recent times, technology has upgraded the features of thermostats by creating a network system through which one can access temperature controls via a smartphone. These thermostats have a timer that works according to your desired temperature and timings. 

It is only right that one learns about what smart thermostats are best for wet underfloor heating systems. 

We have researched and enlisted some of the best-performing thermostats that can be ideal for your wet underfloor heating experience. 

Best Underfloor Heating Thermostat 

Heatmiser neoAir V2-M Wireless Programmable Smart Thermostat

The Heatmiser neoAir V2-M is n intelligent thermostat, ideal for those searching for a wireless and app-controllable solution for their water-based underfloor heating.

It can help one control their heating temperature from anywhere through their smartphones. It has a battery attached and is compatible with the neoHub mini wireless receivers.

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The neoAir and neoStat thermostats communicate while being wireless through the neoHub, which offers a reliable network system that you can easily control through your smartphone.

The Heatmiser neoAir can work in different modes, such as a thermostat, a timer as well as heating, and a timer mode combined. These three modes are the heating mode, hot water mode, and heating and hot water mode. 

This is perfect for controlling and heating water. It has a remote sensing option and offers four different user-selectable operating modes, which are non-programmable, weekday/weekend, all days different, and all days the same.

Heatmiser neoStat-hw V2 — Hot Water Programmer

The neoStat-hw V2 is ideal for standard and mid-position valve systems. It is a hot water programmable thermostat with changeover contacts.

This Heatmiser neoStat also connects with the neoHub and other neoStat or neoAir thermostats within your home, creating a network system that you can use to control your wet underfloor heating.

This can be remotely controlled after being paired with neoHub. This thermostat is also completely wireless. It offers 5/2 Day, 7 Day as well as 24 Hour Programming. Moreover, it also offers 5-minute program intervals and a frost protection feature.

This is by far one of the best thermostats one can install for their hot water underfloor heating system since it is designed completely to control the hot water boost system. 

Heatmiser Edge – Multi-Mode Programmable Room Thermostat

The Heatmiser Edge is a digital programmable thermostat that offers a remote wireless sensor for optimum control and temperature averaging.

Heatmiser Edge is an upgrade for those looking to measure the temperature of underfloor heating remotely.

The wireless air sensors in this thermostat are perfect for people who want to control and measure the temperature of their underfloor heating from different locations.

This way, the multiple sensors can give an estimated average temperature reading, which makes it perfect for large properties.

Apart from that, a wireless window or door switch can be paired to the Heatmiser Edge Room Thermostat, which automatically switches the heating on standby mode when the window or door is open and returns to normal mode once the door or windows are closed.

This thermostat can work in both heat and timer mode. 

Heatmiser Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat – Touch V2

The Heatmiser Touch V2 is a touchscreen digital thermostat that you can control from both individual and multiple zones of your property’s underfloor heating systems.

This Heatmiser Touch V2 is compatible with a wireless air sensor and window switch that helps in offering a more flexible energy-efficient control solution. 

With the Heatmiser Touch, one doesn’t need to worry about a product manual since the big touchscreen display makes this thermostat user-friendly.

It has a wireless window/door switch function, a large display, and a temperature hold facility. Heatmiser Touch can also estimate the average temperature with the help of its multiple air sensors.

Overall, the Heatmiser Touch offers a great experience for people with large properties with underfloor heating.

Heatmiser Slimline V4 – Digital Programmable Thermostat

The Heatmiser Slimline V4 is also a great thermostat for wet underfloor heating. It is also one of the Heatmiser’s digital programmable thermostats, which are used for controlling the temperature from multiple zones of the underfloor heating.

It also provides up to 4 different temperatures at different times of the day. Heatmiser’s Slimline programmable thermostats also include energy-saving preheat. They can be adjusted as either programmable or non-programmable.

The Slimline V4 Thermostat has a non-programmable, 5/2 day, and 7-day programmable option. Plus it can be programmed for air sensing or remote air sensing. It also includes an optimum start which is an energy-saving feature designed to reduce the amount of heating time required. 

How To Set An Underfloor Heating Thermostat?

All the thermostats have a manual installation guide, or you can even get an expert to set up the thermostat on your property. An expert is required to deal with the wiring system of the thermostat. 

Setting up a thermostat consists of simple steps; remove the old thermostat if you have one, attach the backplate of the new thermostat, attach each wire to the new backplate, and set up the display.

How Do Wet Underfloor Heating Thermostats Work?

Thermostats for wet underfloor heating systems are connected to a controller, which opens up a motorized valve on the underfloor heating manifold that allows warm water to flow to that zone. 


In conclusion, Heatmiser thermostats top all the needs for wet underfloor heating. These thermostats are quite affordable and have all the features to provide an efficient user experience.

With these wireless and programmable thermostats, your home can be at the right temperature, and at the right time as well as serve to be energy efficient and sustainable.