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XPS Insulation Board – Professional Grade

£2.95 Excluding VAT
High Compressive Strength, Lightweight Solution to Limit Downward Heatloss and Maximise Heat OutputXPS is a strong, lightweight, insulation board developed specifically for use with our underfloor heating systems on concrete/screed floors. Features:• High Compressive Strength of 30 Tonnes / m² (300kPa) • Low moisture absorbance. • Excellent thermal performance - Thermal conductivity = 0.035 W/mK • Fire Classification = Euroclass E • Available in both 6mm and 10mm thickness. XPS boards limit heat loss into the subfloor and are for use on screed/concrete floors only. The boards must be bonded to the floor using a flexible tile adhesive as a solid combed bed of adhesive. Size : 1200 x 600mm Board Coverage : 0.72 m²/board (14 boards = 10.0m² coverage) Minimum order: 14 boards

Ecomax – High Strength Professional Underfloor Insulation

£9.55£10.25 Excluding VAT
Click here for: Ecomax is a strong, lightweight, insulated tile backer board developed specifically for use with our undertile heating systems. It is constructed from an extruded polystyrene core covered on both sides by a glass fibre mesh embedded in a cement skin. ECOMAX = Exceptional Compressive Strength......... Suitable for use on both wooden floors and concrete/screed floors. ECOMAX Insulation boards utilise a fibreglass mesh encased within the cement top and bottom skin to add strength and stability to the entire floor lay up and are capable of withstanding high loads directly on the surface immediately upon laying. The cement skin also acts as an exceptional high grip surface for accepting tile adhesive. Size : 1250 x 600mm Board Coverage : 0.75 m2/board (6 boards = 4.5m2 coverage) Minimum order: 6 boards

6mm Ecomax Lite Insulation – Pack

£15.95 Excluding VAT
Size : 1000 x 500 x 6mm A specifically designed closed cell foamed polystyrene insulation material for use below wood, laminate and engineered boards. Designed to be used with our Ecofilm and Ecofoil under wood and laminate systems.