The quick and simple to install solution for all tile, stone, wood and laminate floors.

Choose from The Floor Heating Warehouse range of Electric Underfloor Heating kits and products for virtually any flooring material.

Ecofloor Mat & Ecoflex loose cable underfloor heating systems for under ceramic, stone and marble tiles
Ecofilm under floor heating system for wood & laminate floors
In-Screed direct underfloor heating systems for new builds

Cable Mat Systems Tile & Stone Floors (43)

The ECOFLOOR Underfloor Heating Mat is an easy-to-install solution for all tile and stone floors. The mats have a twin conductor cable that simplifies installation with a single 3m cold tail connection. The mats are available in 3 standard power dissipations: 100 & 160 Watts/m2 mats are suitable for internal applications including kitchens and bathrooms & 200 Watts/m2 mats are available for conservatory use or areas where high heat losses can occur.

Ecofilm Systems Wood & Laminate Floors (71)

ECOFILM Underfloor Heating is designed to heat directly underneath wood and laminate floors and is available in two standard power dissipations: 130 Watts/m2 for internal living areas and a high output 160 Watts/m2 for conservatory installations. ECOFILM can be used in conjunction with ECOMAX-DUO, which makes it suitable for carpet and vinyl floors.

Loose Cable Systems Tile & Stone Floors (34)

Suitable for use under ceramic, stone or marble tiles, in internal applications such as kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. Cables can be installed on top of suspended timber floors or solid concrete floors. Dual Core Cable Kits offer a fast and simple installation, require connection at only one end and include a Lifetime Warranty

In-Screed Cable Heating Systems (42)

ECOFLEX In-Screed Underfloor Heating Cable is a single core cable rated at 15W/lin metre. Used to provide underfloor heating in new build projects in screeded floors. Typically laid directly onto foil backed insulation then covered with a minimum of 50mm sand & cement screed. On new build projects with screed floors this cable can provide an economical heating solution.

Ecofoil Systems Wood & Laminate Floors (13)

Electric Floor Heating Thermostats (18)

Choose from our range of thermostats and accessories to complement your heating installation, all of which will ensure optimum comfort and control to your system. Products include APP controllable, wireless and Touchscreen systems. All thermostats include full warranty and are supplied with a 3m floor heating temperature sensing probe.

Insulation & Boards (5)

This section contains installation products for our Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Electrical System Accessories (9)