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High Specification Adhesive Tape

£6.40 Excluding VAT
High Specification Adhesive Tape - suitable for high temperatures - 50mm x 50 metre Used for taping joints in insulation boards and taping down cables and mats.

Heatmiser neoPlug – Smart Plug

£29.64 Excluding VAT

Expand your Neo System with neoPlug and control your Appliances from Anywhere!

With the Heatmiser neoPlug you can control the appliance manually from the neoApp or you can program switching times via the app that the appliance will follow. With the latest apps for Android, Windows 10 and iOS, users can include the neoPlug in their Geo Location triggers, so the appliance can turn on when you get close to home or when you leave.

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High Temperature Fixing Tape

£4.64 Excluding VAT
Heavy duty adhesive tape available in a 15mm x 50m roll. Hi-tack for fixing and locating cable. Always ensure sub-floor surface is dry and dust free.
Roll Dimensions: 15mm x 50 metres

Polyester Vapour Barrier – 1.0metre Wide

£23.10 Excluding VAT
Polyester Vapour Barrier - The essential top layer of your Ecofilm system 1.0m Wide

In-Screed Cable – Plastic Fixing Strip

£0.60 Excluding VAT
A moulded plastic fixing strip with cable radius profile fixing.
Available in 500mm lengths which can provide cable spacing of 65mm. Can be mechanically fixed or taped to the subfloor. Cables are then tensioned through the profile strip when laying. An extremely quick and efficient method of cable spacing and laying.
Strip Length: 500mm

In-Screed Cable – Galvanised Fixing Strip

£11.80 Excluding VAT
Available as a 10m roll of galvanised steel strip. The product has cable fixing lugs at 35mm centres. Ideal when laying thicker cables on all sub-floor types. The ultimate in flexibility. Roll Length: 10 Metres

In-Screed Cable – Fixing Clip Pack

£5.80 Excluding VAT
Plastic fixing clip for attaching cable on to foil foam backed insulation material. Deep barbed design provides secure fixing.
Pack Contents: 50 Clips

HomeKit-Enabled Heatmiser neoHub Gen 2

£89.00 Excluding VAT

Heatmiser neoHub is the gateway to the Neo System

The Heatmiser neoHub provides remote control of all neoStat's and neoPlug's from your iOS, Android and Windows 10 device. The Heatmiser neoHub connects to your home broadband router and wirelessly to the neoStats in your home. No special computer knowledge is required, simply plug into your router, create a FREE account via the Neo app and then take control of your heating, hot water and appliances from anywhere.

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Flexel Sensor Probe

£9.50 Excluding VAT
Remote Air/Floor Sensor Probe This sensor can be used to measure air and floor temperature. This probe is supplied with a 3 meter cable which can be extended to 20 meters if required. For Use with:- V22/V23 Thermostat/Receiver - Flexel Touch Thermostat - TH232 Thermostat