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Pipe Freeze Protection Cable

£51.16£114.52 Excluding VAT
EcoFlex PFP cable is a simple solution to prevent frozen pipes in domestic and small commercial buildings. Composed of a pre-terminated fixed resistance heating cable fitted with a pipe thermostat this really is a simple, low cost solution. The integrated thermostat monitors pipe temperature and energises the system when there is a risk of freezing. Once a safe pipe temperature has been reached the cable is de-energised to save energy. Available in a range of 10 sizes, the product is fitted with a 1.5m cold lead and 3 pin plug for easy connection to the power supply. The product can simply be installed in a straight line along pipes up to 50mm diameter. Additional accessories required for installation are PFP fixing tape to secure the cable to the pipe and Alu50 aluminium heat dispersion tape for installation onto plastic pipework. Once the cable has been installed the entire installation should be covered with a layer of 20mm (max) thick flame retardant insulation. Easy Install: Simply Plug into a socket Features: - Protects hot and cold water pipework that may be subject to freezing conditions - Simple, low cost solution for the prevention of burst pipes - Suitable for both metal and plastic pipe up to 50mm diameter. - Ready made unit with fitted 1.5m cold lead and 3 pin plug for simple installation - Integrated thermostat energises system when temperature falls below +3؛C - Typical uses: boiler condensate pipes, external water pipes, waste pipes in unheated areas; - lofts and outbuildings, external waste pipes.