Wireless Thermostat – Heatmiser Slimline-RF V3

£34.75 Excluding VAT

A wireless solution to control your underfloor heating

The Heatmiser Slimline-RF V3 wireless thermostat works with the Heatmiser RF Switch & UH8-RF Wireless Wiring Centre. The wireless thermostat is designed to be wall mounted in the area being controlled, up to 100 meters open space from the receiver.

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Heatmiser neoAir V3-M Wireless Programmable Smart Thermostat

Original price was: £54.95.Current price is: £46.25. Excluding VAT

A smarter way to control your underfloor heating from anywhere via your smartphone

The neoAir is ideal for those looking for a totally wire free App controllable solution of your heating & hot water. Both the UH8-RF and RF Switch receivers are compatible with the neoAir.

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Heatmiser Thimble Sensor

£11.45 Excluding VAT

Discreet Temperature Monitoring

The Heatmiser Thimble Sensor is perfect for measuring the temperature in a room discreetly. Its small form factor means the sensor can be used in areas where the client wants no room thermostats mounted on the wall. The thimble sensor can be wired up to 20M away from the room thermostats.

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Heatmiser UH8-RF V2 – 8 Zone Wireless Wiring Centre

£95.00 Excluding VAT

Our 8 Zone wireless wiring centre designed to work with our Slimline-RF and neoAir Thermostats.

Eight zones can be controlled as well as providing an output for a hot water cylinder. When used for underfloor heating, an option is available to use zone 8 as a conventional radiator zone. Dimensions: 384x148x60mm

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Two Channel Wireless Receiver – Heatmiser RF Switch V2

£28.79 Excluding VAT

Wireless 2 Channel Receiver

The RF-Switch is our surface mount 2 channel wireless receiver. It is capable of controlling 1 heating zone and 1 hot water zone and provides a volt free output for the boiler. In addition, the RF Switch can be paired to the UH8-RF to provide a wireless link to the boiler.

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Heatmiser Boost – Neo & RF Series Repeater

£40.55 Excluding VAT

Boost your Wireless and Neo signals

The Heatmiser Boost is our Neo & RF Series Repeater. The Boost is surface mount for easy installation and can be used to repeat the RF and Neo Data signals.

Heatmiser neoAir Stand

£7.15 Excluding VAT

The Heatmiser neoAir Stand has been specifically designed for the neoAir, allowing you to position the neoAir thermostat on a table.

Colour: White

Electrothermic Manifold Actuator

£11.25 Excluding VAT

Manifold Actuators, are installed onto the manifold and used to automatically open or close the water flow to a particular zone/room on your system

Compatible with all of our manifolds and thermostats the actuators are the ideal solution when individual control of each zone/room is required.

Click Here For: Actuator Datasheet

Heatmiser Sensor Probe

£4.95 Excluding VAT

Remote Air/Floor Sensor Probe

The 3M Remote sensor probe can be used with all of our thermostats that accept a remote sensor. It can be used to measure air or floor temperature and is specifically designed to be used as a floor sensor. This probe is supplied with a 3 meter cable which can be extended to 20 meters if required. Suitable for all Heatmiser Thermostats

External Aerial for Heatmiser UH8-RF – Heatmiser EA1

£20.55 Excluding VAT

Extend your wireless signals

Our external aerial is designed to work with our UH8-RF Wireless Wiring Centre. Radio Frequency (RF) communication is affected by metal objects and so this external aerial is ideal for those installations where the UH8-RF will be installed in a metal cupboard. It is also perfect for extending the RF coverage within your property.