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Infrared Pet Heating Panels – ECOSUN PC

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ECOSUN PC pet heating panels are a safe alternative to using IR lamps for kennels, catteries and general animal heating. They provide an even radiant heat that is maintained at a safe level by an internal thermostat ensuring a gentle, efficient distribution of the warmth over a wide area. The panel is suitable for use as a wall mounted heater or a celing mounted unit. If required, they can be suspended by chains to the desired height. The standard finish is a hard wearing white smooth polyester powder coating that provides an easy , wipe clean surface. Fully enclosed , frost resistant and IP44 rated to protect against accidental splashes, they are ideal for animal enclosures and pets in general. The pet cassette is provided with a convenient placed red neon lamp to indicate when the unit is working. PC heating panels are not designed as room heaters. Rather they are a low power consumption , low running cost, local heat source that keep animals warm in cooler weather. The design has no exposed parts and an internal thermostat that regulates the surface temperature of the panel rather than the room temperature which makes them a safe choice for a variety of animal enclosures. FEATURES• Low power consumption, low running costs • Suitable for animal enclosures and pets in general • Wall or ceiling mouting • Regulated surface temperature • Neon power indicator • Available in 110W and 225W outputs