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11 Comprehensive Pros and Cons of Electric Underfloor Heating


  1. Introduction
  2. Pros of Electric Underfloor Heating
    1. Energy Efficient 
    2. Maintenance Free
    3. Takes Less Space
    4. User-Friendly
    5. Works with Various Floor Coverings
    6. Safe To Use
    7. Easy To Install 
  3. Cons of Electric Underfloor Heating
    1. High Costs
    2. Time Taking Installation
    3. Floor Height Issues
    4. Creates Hot Spots
  4. Conclusion


Electric underfloor heating used to be a luxury and dream that only the rich could afford. However, times and technology have changed the circumstances, and electric underfloor heating is a tempting and popular choice for people who want to enjoy cosy warmth in their homes.

Electric underfloor heating can warm your house using a thin heating wire placed under the surface of your floor. 

Since it’s one of the go-to choices for people who want to avoid the cold environment in their house, it is essential to know what pros and cons electric underfloor heating systems might have.

Pros of Electric Underfloor Heating

Energy Efficient 

One main advantage of electric underfloor heating is that it consumes less energy and lowers your electric bills. A radiator heats a room at a temperature of about 65-75 degrees celsius to heat the room, which consumes more energy efficiently. 

Whereas, electric underfloor heating provides efficient warmth while running at 29 degrees Celsius. Thus, this low temperature causes a lesser energy consumption.

Maintenance Free

After the electric underfloor heating has been installed, it needs no maintenance at all. Unlike other heating facilities, which need bleeding every few weeks, electric underfloor heating systems do not require regular servicing. 

Man installing Electric Underfloor Heating

This means that one does not have to worry about the constant maintenance services of the electric underfloor heating system, rather they can actively relax in their homes with warm cosy toes.

Takes Less Space

An electric underfloor heating system can free up all the space that other central heating was occupying. 

Since electric underfloor heating is basically under the floor surface, your house will be free of bulky and space-taking radiators, and you can easily decorate the walls with paintings. 

With the new amount of space, you can even let your inner interior designer out and revamp your home by shuffling the furniture.


Electric underfloor heating is also super user-friendly. Since it has a smart thermostat paired alongside it, you can control the temperature of your room. Plus, have the complete ability to fully control the functions of the underfloor heating system according to your desire. 

Our team at the Floor Heating Warehouse fully ensures that we assist the clients with this procedure and provide them with the advantage of creating and setting different temperature zones in their homes. 

Works with Various Floor Coverings

Electric underfloor heating systems can be installed under various types of flooring, such as stones, tiles, vinyl, laminate, carpets, and even engineered wood. This creates a lot of options for clients to choose from; they can select whichever floorings they want in their homes. 

However, each flooring material has a different level of heat conductivity and the efficiency to presume heat all over the surface. It is best to research and ask around for certain information before going for any of the floorings. 

Safe To Use

If you have an electric underfloor heating system in your house, you would not be worried about dangerous hot surfaces like a radiator.

You can sleep peacefully without fearing your child or pets bumping into sharp corners, touching hot surfaces, and burning themselves. This is because the heating system is underfloor and neatly tucked away from any contact.

Moreover, the electric underfloor system is also healthy for allergic people because the radiant heat it emits is great for the air quality in the house. It can even keep the air fresh and oxygen-rich.

Easy To Install 

Electric underfloor heating systems are easier to install than you thought. 

Some electric underfloor heating systems have easy-to-install kits with adhesive glue from the back of the electric underfloor heating mats. A consumer can easily stick the mats to the surface and put the tiles on top. 

Cons of Electric Underfloor Heating

High Costs

Even though the electric underfloor heating system is not expensive, the installation cost might be a bit pricier. The installation price can depend on the system you choose, room size, and the installer’s fee.

If it is an old building, developing the right conditions for the heating system can also cost a lot. You will also need to pay for an electrician so he can connect the electric underfloor heating system to the power supply.  

Time Taking Installation

Several electric underfloor heating systems take a long time to install. They require the floor to be completely dry before applying the floor covering, which normally takes a day or two. 

Apart from that, shuffling the furniture for the systems to get installed in new build houses or existing rooms can be a hassle since the floor would be inaccessible for the time being.

Floor Height Issues

Electric underfloor heating systems are built at a certain height since they are installed under the floor. This creates floor heights unevenly since the systems can raise the floor.

Electric wires, insulation boards, or underlayments can increase the floor height from about one-eighth of an inch to an inch. This will make the space feel smaller and can impact the interior design ideas one might have. 

Creates Hot Spots

Electric underfloor heating can end up creating hot spots on the floor. When flat-bottomed furniture or a second source of warmth, such as a stove or a refrigerator, is placed on top of the installed underfloor heating systems, it can cause hot spots.

One must take extra care in placing the hot-bottomed furniture when designing the underfloor heating system.


With electric underfloor heating, you can enjoy an easy and energy-efficient way to make your home cosy and warm. These systems are suitable for every property and floor type, creating many options for selecting according to your needs.

Plus, you will get to enjoy some relaxing time while lowering your electric bills. That’s a big catch.

You can contact The Floor Heating Warehouse to install an electric underfloor heating system in your home or for consultation regarding this matter.