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Universal Infrared Heating Panel - EcoSun UB (Semi Smooth Finish)

Universal Infrared Heating Panel - EcoSun UB (Semi Smooth Finish)

The EcoSun UB is a universal infrared heating panel that is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting.
The panel has a semi-smooth finish, which makes it easy to clean. As there are no moving parts, it is completely maintenance-free.
The EcoSun UB is a highly efficient heater. It offers a comfortable environment at a lower temperature when compared to traditional heating systems.
The slimline heater are designed to compliment any environment and can be used in domestic and commercial environments.
It can be used as a spot heater for individual areas or as a complete heating system.

• Manufactured from galvanised steel with a semi-smooth powder finish
• Maintenance free
• Fully insulated rear panel to maximise infrared emissions from the front face
• Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting
• Includes ceiling mounting frame

• Thermal overload-protection
• 1.0m power cable
• Available in white (RAL 9016)
• Mounting heights for ceiling products: 2.5m min to 4.0m max

These infrared heaters are designed to work with our range of electric underfloor heating thermostats.

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Heater Size Option:
EcoSun 300 UB - Dimensions: 592x592x30mm, Output: 300watts 77.35
EcoSun 600 UB - Dimensions: 1192x592x30mm, Output: 600watts 110.34
EcoSun 850 UB - Dimensions: 1192x800x30mm, Output: 850watts 140.21

Our Price:77.35 Including Next Day Delivery
(92.82 Including VAT at 20%)