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XPS Insulation Board - Professional Grade

XPS Insulation Board - Professional Grade

High Compressive Strength, Lightweight Solution to Limit Downward Heatloss and Maximise Heat Output

XPS is a strong, lightweight, insulation board developed specifically for use with our underfloor heating systems on concrete/screed floors.

• High Compressive Strength of 30 Tonnes / m² (300kPa)
• Low moisture absorbance.
• Excellent thermal performance - Thermal conductivity = 0.035 W/mK
• Fire Classification = Euroclass E
• Available in both 6mm and 10mm thickness.

XPS boards limit heat loss into the subfloor and are for use on screed/concrete floors only. The boards must be bonded to the floor using a flexible tile adhesive as a solid combed bed of adhesive.

Size : 1200 x 600mm
Board Coverage : 0.72 m²/board (14 boards = 10.0m² coverage)
Minimum order: 14 boards
Board Thickness
3.0mm Thick Insulation (+0.00)
6.0mm Thick Insulation (+1.00)
10.0mm Thick Insulation (+2.55)
20.0mm Thick Insulation (+3.55)
25.0mm Thick Insulation (+4.55)

Our Price:2.95 Including Next Day Delivery
(3.54 Including VAT at 20%)