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Profix Manifold and Highway Clip Rail Pack

Profix Manifold and Highway Clip Rail Pack

A purpose-made clip-rail for use with the Profix™ Low Profile Screed System

For easy fixing and routing of pipes to and from the manifold. Each clip-rail can be easily joined to another to form longer lengths by means of an interlock feature at each end.
The clip-rail can be used in close proximity to the manifold in order to secure the pipes prior to their transition into the Profix™ Panels themselves, or to create a ‘highway’ in which multiple pipe runs can be secured at 25mm centres when transitioning within a
zone or through one zone to another.
Clip Rail is suitable for 10 & 12mm pipe.

Rail Size: 200mm Long x 50mm Wide x 15mm High
Pack Quantity: 10 Rails
Suitable for 10 & 12mm pipe

Click here for the Product Manual

Our Price:7.95 Including Next Day Delivery
(9.54 Including VAT at 20%)