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Ecofoil Underfloor Heating Mat -- 1.5 m²

Ecofoil Underfloor Heating Mat -- 1.5 m

Click here for: Detailed Ecofoil Underfloor Heating Information

WIDTH - 0.5m, - LENGTH - 3.0m, - OUTPUT - 210 watts
Total Coverage - 1.5 m2

ECOFOIL Aluminium Heating Mats are designed for use under laminates which are installed in wet environments like bathrooms and shower rooms. ECOFOIL mats are a combination of heating cable encased in an aluminium foil.
The aluminium layer above the heating cable acts as a heat dispersion medium and earthing grid making the product suitable for use in wet areas like bathroom or shower rooms where ECOFILM carbon elements should not be used.

INCLUDES - Installation Manual & LIFETIME Guarantee

Our Price:77.32 Including Next Day Delivery
(92.78 Including VAT at 20%)

Aluminium Tape (required if cutting foil)
None (+0.00)
Aluminium Foil Tape (+15.00)

Click here for: Ecofoil Installation Guide

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