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Ecoflex Complete Home Installation Kits

Ecoflex Complete Cable Kit

Ecoflex Complete Cable Kit

ECOFLEX cables provide an underfloor heating solution for practically any room. The cables can be fitted on top of existing wooden or concrete floors that are sound and suitably prepared.

ECOFLEX cables are ideal for smaller installations or in rooms with an irregular layout. The flexibility of the loose cabling system makes it possible to heat the maximum floor area including hard to reach areas.

• Dual Core Heating Cable (Requiring connection at only one end)
• High Grip Adhesive Fixing Tape
• Floor Primer
• Roller (for easy application of floor primer)
• Comprehensive Installation Instructions
• LIFETIME Guarantee

• Small diameter cable
• Complete solution in a convenient package
• Can be installed under many floor coverings including ceramic tiles, natural stone and slate
• Twin conductor ultra flexible cable simplifies installation with only a single “cold tail” connection
• Two extremely tough, durable insulation layers which minimises the risk of damage during the installation process and ensures prolonged cable life
• Approved to IEC 60800

• Maximum Power Loading - 10W/lin metre
• Diameter - 3.3-4.3mm for cable drums and less than 3mm for cable kits
• 230V supply
• Twin conductor cable
• 1 x 3m cold tail connection lead

Click here for: Detailed Ecoflex Underfloor Heating Information
Cable Kit Size Options:
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 1.2-1.9m², Output 225watts (CK1) 58.23
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 2.0-2.9m², Output 350watts (CK2) 70.78
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 3.0-3.9m², Output 525watts (CK3) 78.49
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 4.0-4.9m², Output 700watts (CK4) 100.06
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 5.0-6.4m², Output 875watts (CK5) 111.99
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 6.5-7.4m², Output 1050watts (2x CK3) 147.99
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 7.5-8.9m², Output 1225watts (CK3 + CK4) 169.56
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 9.0-9.9m², Output 1400watts (2x CK4) 191.13
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 10.0-10.9m², Output 1575watts (CK4 + CK5) 203.05
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 11.0-11.9m², Output 1750watts (2x CK5) 214.98
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 12.0-13.4m², Output 1925watts (2xCK3+CK5) 250.99
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 13.5-14.4m², Output 2100watts (3x CK4) 282.19
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 14.5-15.9m², Output 2275watts (2xCK4+CK5) 294.12
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 16.0-17.4m², Output 2450watts (CK4+2xCK5) 306.04
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 17.5-18.9m², Output 2625watts (3x CK5) 317.96
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 19.0-20.4m², Output 2800w (2xCK3 + 2xCK5) 353.96
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 20.5-21.9m², Output 2975w (CK2 + 3xCK5) 379.74
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 22.0-23.4m², Output 3150w (2xCK4 + 2xCK5) 397.11
Ecoflex Kit - Coverage 23.5-24.9m², Output 3325w (CK4 + 3xCK5) 409.03


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