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EcoSun TH Terrace Heaters

Ecosun Terrace Heater

Ecosun Terrace Heater

The Ecosun TH is a no glare radiant heater. The modern, elegant design allows it to be easily fitted in a multitude of domestic or commercial environments where radiant heat is required without the glare.

The Ecosun infrared heater is ideal for:

•Enclosed Terraces
•Offices and Reception areas
•Schools and Colleges
•Sports Halls

•Cost effective and efficient
•Infrared heat can be directed onto seating areas and does not waste heat in a 360 circle like other heating options
•Easy Installation: electrical installation ( 230V) with mounting brackets
•Maintenance free (No tanks to fill or igniters to replace)
•Clean modern design and the option of ceiling or wall mounting help the heater blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment.
•Ideal for indoor or outdoor use (sheltered applications)
•Available in 1000 and 1500 Watt versions

•Min installation height is 1.8m above the floor (lower edge of panel)
•For ceiling installation there must be a min. gap of 30cm between the ceiling and the upper edge of the panel
•2m heat resistant cable attached
•Protection: Cable gland to IP44

Optional Control Accessories
The combination of the V20 wireless reciever unit and V23 remote control handset provides wireless control of Ecosun radiant heaters. The V23 handset is equiped with an on/off button plus a 2 hour “timer” function - the appliance will turn itself off automatically after 2 hours.

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Heater Size:
1000 Watts - 1080 x 140 x 45mm - 230volt (126.80)
1500 Watts - 1580 x 140 x 45mm - 230volt (146.98)

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