Wireless Kit – 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat and Receiver

£95.00 Excluding VAT

This Wireless Thermostat Kit consisting of a Wireless Programmable Thermostat (V22) & a Receiver (V23), is designed to provide wireless time and temperature control to heating systems

Wall or Stand mounted thermostat (Supplied with stand) The V22 is ideal for use in renovation projects where it is impractical to run wires from the room thermostat to the heating appliance being controlled. Ideal for control of all types of electric heating systems; underfloor, radiant panels, convector heaters or ceiling heating.

Electric Underfloor Heating Central Wireless Control System – V24

£102.44 Excluding VAT

The V24 Central Control System is a multizone central heating control unit.

V24 consists of a centrally located colour touch screen panel that communicates wirelessly with thermostats (V22) and sensors (V23) throughout your home. The V24 is a central control panel that links with V22 single zone control packs to provide convenient control of your whole house from a central location. The V24 comprises a colour touchscreen panel that wirelessly communicates with V22 thermostats throughout the home.

This is a multi-zone controller that is fully scalable up to 24 zones. The V24 WIFI provides the same functions as the V24 central controller but with the ability to be controlled from your Smart Phone, using the intuitive iOS or Android App.