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Electric Underfloor Heating System

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Electric Underfloor Heating System

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General Overview

Imagine a room with no unsightly radiators but still warm, with a modern smooth floor finish: tiles, stone, laminate or hardwood. No dust or draughts caused by circulating air currents.
Whether it be for a Kitchen, bathroom, conservatory – or any room in your home, our electric underfloor heating systems offer the complete solution creating the perfect comfort zone in any environment. These systems put you in complete control with a range of control options. And what’s more, you’ll find it makes complete sense helping you to save money, while delivering environmental and health benefits. Indeed, constructed from the best of materials and manufactured by Flexel International based in Scotland, a company with 30 years experience of manufacturing underfloor heating solutions, the system offers you complete peace of mind.

There are different kinds of heating systems and different kinds of heat. With our underfloor heating system, you get a heat that is most conducive to your comfort. A radiant heat that ensures you feel comfortable even at a lower air temperature than that produced by a more traditional convection system.
With all of our electric systems, the floor structure is gently warmed throughout typically 23-26°C to create a large radiant surface. In contact with this surface, people and objects absorb the energy emitted without it directly heating the air first. This also means that there is no loss of air quality in the room. The result is that you experience warm feet real comfort! And a cool clear head.

When considering the cost of a heating system, you have to look at the capital cost plus the running costs over the life of the system.
Significantly, our underfloor heating system can help you to save up to 20% on domestic fuel bills, and can cut a remarkable 50% or more off the heating costs for large commercial properties.

Design & Consultation Service
Our electric underfloor heating systems can be installed by yourself or your own electrician with the aid of our comprehensive installation manuals (we do advise that final electrical connections are made by a qualified electrician). From your initial enquiry through to final commissioning, our technical team is always available to give expert advice on any aspect of your system.

Our technical team will provide support answering any questions you may have.
Our aim is to ensure that the end result is a heating system which is unequalled in terms of performance, control and the quality of its components.
If that sounds like the complete solution to all your heating needs then do call us today.

Assurances :

All of our electric underfloor heating systems :

– are covered by a comprehensive manufacturers 10-year guarantee covering any manufacturing issues.

– can be designed by us to your individual requirements

– are manufactured by Flexel International who are an ISO 9001 2002 registered company and who’s production facilities are controlled by the most advanced systems available.

– specify a full and proper control system that controls every room/area individually,including wet areas


Ecofloor Heating Mats
The quick and simple to install solution for all tile and stone floors.

ECOFLOOR Underfloor Heating Mats are a combination of a heating cable attached to a fibreglass mesh scrim that makes installation easy. The mat can simply be rolled out onto the floor saving precious time. The mats have double sided tape on the underside so they can easily be fixed to any clean surface.
ECOFLOOR Underfloor Heating Mats have a twin conductor cable simplifying installation with a single 3m “cold tail” connection. Available in 2 standard power dissipations: 160 Watts/m² mats are suitable for internal applications including kitchens and bathrooms & 200 Watts/m² mats are available for conservatory use or areas where high heat losses can occur.


Ecoflex loose cable
The versatile solution for all tile and stone floors – ideal for awkward shaped rooms

ECOFLEX underfloor heating cables provide an underfloor heating solution in your kitchen, bathroom or conservatory. The cables can be fitted on top of existing wooden or concrete floors that are sound and suitably prepared.
ECOFLEX cables are ideal for smaller installations or in rooms with an irregular layout. The flexibility of the loose cabling system makes it possible to heat the maximum floor area including hard to reach areas.


Ecofilm Element
The ultra-thin solution for wood & laminate floors.

ECOFILM Underfloor Heating Elements are available in three different widths with standard lengths up to 10m. The element lengths can be reduced on site if necessary and are supplied as standard with 5m “cold tails”. Available in two standard power dissipations: 130 Watts/m2 for internal living areas and 160 Watts/m2 for conservatory use only.

When used in conjunction with ECOMAX-DUO, ECOFILM is suitable for carpet and vinyl floors

In- Screed

In-Screed Underfloor Heating Cable
The economical solution for new build projects

ECOFLEX In-Screed Underfloor Heating Cable is a single core cable rated at 15W/lin metre. Used to provide underfloor heating in new build projects in screeded floors. Typically laid directly onto foil backed insulation then covered with a minimum of 50mm sand & cement screed. On new build projects with screed floors this cable can provide an economical heating solution.

Ecomax Insulated Tile Backer Board

Ecomax Insulated Tile Backer Board
The ideal product to prevent downward heat loss under tile & stone floors

ECOMAX is a lightweight insulated tile backer board developed specifically for the thermal insulation of tiled floors. It is constructed from an extruded polystyrene core covered on both sides by a glass fibre mesh reinforced polymer cement coating. ECOMAX has exceptional compressive strength and moisture resistance.