Ecomax - High Strength Professional Underfloor Insulation

Ecomax - High Strength Professional Underfloor Insulation

Size : 1250 x 600 mm
Coverage : 0.75 m2

Minimum order 4 boards.

Ecomax - Insulated tile backer board
The ideal product to prevent downward
heat loss under tile & stone floors

Specifically for use below our under tile heating systems. (Ecofloor & Ecoflex)
Ecomax is a lightweight insulated tile backer board developed specifically for the thermal insulation of tiled floors.
A large majority of insulation boards are constructed entirely of a polystyrene board, with no reinforcement on the top or bottom of the boards. The downside of this design is that the boards are easily deformed with light finger pressure and cables may become embedded into the insulation and can then be compromised in dissipating the heat into the surrounding adhesive and tiles as designed.
Ecomax was designed with strength and reliability as the key issue. It is constructed from an extruded polystyrene core covered on both sides by a glass fibre mesh embedded in a cement skin. The skin ensures maximum durability and gives Ecomax its exceptional compressive strength.
Unlike other boards which rely on the strength of the tiles laid on top of them and will be deformed by light foot traffic, Ecomax adds strength and stability to the entire floor lay up and can withstand high loads directly on its surface immediately upon laying.

The use of Ecomax in conjunction with an Ecofloor Undertile Heating System will improve the responsiveness of the heating system by reducing heat losses. This will speed up heat up times and reduce running costs on an un-insulated floor.