Ecofilm Element Kit 9.1 - 10.0m @ 130watts/m

Ecofilm Element Kit 9.1 - 10.0m² @ 130watts/m²

Lengths of Ecofilm element
Digital thermostatic programmer
6 mm Depron insulation
Polyester Vapour Barrier
Floor sensing probe (3m)
Floor sensor protective conduit tube
Adhesive fixing tape
Commoning Blocks
Comprehensive installation manual
Lifetime Manufacturers Guarantee

Ecofilm is the ideal way to heat solid timber, engineered boards and laminate floors. It is used extensively to heat homes across Scandinavia. The ultra thin - approximately 0.3mm - but tough carbon based heating film can be installed directly under wood or laminate floors, on a layer of 6mm Depron insulation ( supplied as part of the kit ) to provide quicker heat up times and eleviate the need for an underlay.

The standard system has an output of 130 watts/m2 which is adequate to supply optimum heating to most rooms.
For conservatories and areas of high heat loss we can supply an increased output system of 160 watts/m2.

Extra insulation for conservatory installations
In order to maximise the efficiency of the system within conservatories and areas of high heat loss, and if floor heights allow, the use of a double layer of 6mm insulation will increase overall effciency and decrease heatup times..
This extra insulation can be selected from our Ecofilm Components page.


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Thermostat Alternatives: APP Control - Touchscreen - Wireless - Coloured
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