TH232 - 7 Day Digital Programmable Thermostat - Room & Floor Sensing

TH232 - 7 Day Digital Programmable Thermostat - Room & Floor Sensing

A digital dual function fully programmable controller fitted with a floor temperature sensor. The sensor is installed in the floor limiting the floor to 28ºC maximum.
This thermostat is suitable for bathroom installations where they must be installed outside of the wet area. The thermostat can be fitted outside the bathroom with the floor probe located under the bathroom tiles and controlling the floor temperature.

Optimum start function calculates the most efficient start time for the system to achieve the required temperature at the programmed time.

Easy to programme and install. Single pole, 4 wire connection for flush mounting onto a standard 45mm deep electrical box or using an optional surface mounting box.

Protected memory, no batteries required.

Automatic memory with manual override if required. 4 daily programmes with separate 7 day settings, vocational programme and optional day and night temperature settings.

Proportional control at 15 minute intervals and based on previous performance controls the most efficient time for the heating system to operate during each heating period.

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