Wireless Receiver Unit - V23

Wireless Receiver Unit - V23

Wireless receiver with optional floor probe connection. Normally controlled by the V22 thermostat, it switches the connected heating on/off and can also optionally read the floor temperature using a floor probe (not included).
Connected to the 230/240V mains, this unit receives the signal from the V22 Thermostat or Central Control System.

The Receiver Unit passes on floor temperature information to the V22 thermostat. For Electic Underfloor Heating a floor sensor should be included (purchased seperately), When connected to the central regulation system it is controlled directly by the V24 control unit, which conveys floor temperature information (if a floor probe is connected).

- Wireless installation from thermostat location to heating appliance reduces wiring costs and decoration disruption

- 16 A switching contact
- Terminals for floor probe connection
- LED indicates operational status.

Technical Information
- Placement: wall
- Frequency: 868Mhz
- Range: 30 metres
- Reciever Dimensions: 89x89x24mm WxHxD
- IP rating: 21


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