Electrothermic Manifold Actuator

Electrothermic Manifold Actuator

Manifold Actuators, are installed onto the manifold and used to automatically open or close the water flow to a particular zone/room on your system.
Compatible with any of our thermostats the actuators are the ideal solution when individual control of each zone/room is required.

1 actuator is required for each zone.
The use of electrothermic actuators instead of pure thermostatic actuators allows remote control if required.

The Electrothermic Manifold Actuator is the ideal solution for individual room/zone control.

The actuator automatically opens/closes according to a signal received from the relevant zone thermostat.

Actuator features include:

Power Supply: 230/240 volt
Protection rating: IP44

Electrothermic actuator compact design with on/off.
Cap made of flame retardant plastic.
Chrome-plated brass threaded ring nut M30 x 1.5.
Normally Closed (N.C.).
Stroke : 3.5mm.
Power cable : 1 metre - dia. 5.5 mm.
Opening time :90 sec (start).- 3 Min (end)
Plug thrust : 140N (NC version) - 80N (NO version). Power consumption : 2,5W
According to EEC 89/336, EEC 73/23. CEI-EN 55104/95 CEI-EN 55014/93C.
Marking CE EN 60730- 214.
ENEC marking pending.

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