Profix Panel - Pack of 10

Profix Panel - Pack of 10

The Ideal Fast Fit Underfloor Heating System

Install Tiles and floor finishes directly on top.

The Profix™ Panel is a revolutionary pipe retention and installation system which provides a very quick to install and simple to use solution for underfloor heating applications.

High Heat Outputs:
The Profix System has very high heat outputs compared to some other retrofit systems. The high heat outputs are achieved by the design of the system allowing the self levelling layer to totally surround and encapsulate the underfloor heating pipe, therefore allowing the pipe to transfer heat from its full surface area into the surrounding self levelling layer, and in doing so create a large thermal mass of heat available for transfer to your tiles. These high heat outputs cannot be matched by some traditional grooved insulation board systems, which may only leave the very top surface of the pipe exposed and available to be in contact with the self levelling screed, meaning there could be far less surface area of pipe available with which to transfer heat from pipe to screed.

Low Profile: The system is very low profile - only 15mm depth - and once the pipes are encapsulated in the thin self levelling layer, Tiles, Wood Floor or Carpet, can be installed directly on top of the system. Or for some floor finishes no self levelling layer is required and the system can be installed as a dry system.

Designed for use with our 12mm pipe, spaced at 150mm pipe centres, this system is a very efficient, high heat output system
To maximise unsulation values our optional 6mm and 10mm Profix insulation can be purchased seperately if required

Panel Height: 15mm
Panel Size: 600 x 600mm
Pack Quantity: 10 Boards
Pack Coverage: 3.6m²


Our Price:60.00 Including Next Day Delivery
(72.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Panel Option - Choose to have Insulation Pre-Bonded to the back of the Profix Panel
Profix Panel - Standard (Pack of 10) (+0.00)
Profix Panel with 3.0mm Pre-Bonded Insulation (Pack of 10) (+14.50)
Profix Panel with 6.0mm Pre-Bonded Insulation (Pack of 10) (+24.50)
Profix Panel with 10.0mm Pre-Bonded Insulation (Pack of 10) (+34.50)