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25mm OVERLAY Warm Water Underfloor Heating System - 40.0m2

25mm OVERLAY Warm Water Underfloor Heating System - 40.0m2

This System is supplied with everything required to install your OVERLAY underfloor heating solution including:

- 28 x Pre-Grooved Overlay Insulation Panels -- 25mm Depth x 1200mm x 1200mm - Pipe Spacing of 200mm

- New A-Rated Low Energy, High Efficiency Grundfos UPM3 Auto pump
- Digital Programmable Thermostat - Upgradable to App Control or Wireless System
- Professional Grade 5 Layer Pex-Al-Pex pipe
-- WRAS Approved

Click here for: Detailed Water Underfloor Heating Kit Information

Coverage: 40.0 m2
Total Room Heating for all general rooms insulated to current building standards (200mm pipe spacing) - 40.0 m²

System Includes:
-- "A" Rated Low Energy Grundfoss 3 Speed Circulation Pump
-- Automatic Temperature Control Unit & Thermomix Blending Valve
-- 16mm PEX-AL-PEX 5 Layer Underfloor Heating Pipe x 200 metres

-- 2 Zone Dualmix Manifold -- Including: Manifold Isolating Valves x 2 - Temperature Guage x 2 - Lockshields with flow meters on each port - Drain/fill valves with blank cap x 2 - Automatic air vent x 2 - Metal fixing brackets x 2
-- Heatmiser Digital Programmable Thermostat - 7 Day
-- Pipe Reaming Tool
-- Pipe Connector Cores x 4
-- CAD Pipe Layout Plan & Installation Manual

Additional Manifold Choices: Upgrade your included 2 zone manifold to enable your system to cover multiple zones/rooms

Additional Thermostat Choices: Upgrade your Digital Programmable Thermostat to a Wireless, App Controlled or Touchscreen option

Additional Tool Options: Add Tools for ease of installation

Our Price:840.00 Including Next Day Delivery
(1,008.00 Including VAT at 20%)


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