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Universal Infrared Heating Panel - EcoSun U+ (Textured Finish)

Universal Infrared Heating Panel - EcoSun U+ (Textured Finish)

The Ecosun U+ infrared heater is a universal heating panel, suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting.
The panels are maintenance free, with a special textured paint finish. The outer thermocrystal surface is based on quartz crystals - the texture significantly increases the surface area and the performance of the panel.The surface area of the Ecosun U+ is 2.5 times greater than the equivalent smooth surface.
As standard, the Ecosun U+ infrared heater is white, although a range of colours are available as special orders.
If the Ecosun U+ is fitted into the ceiling this should be a minimum height of 2.5m and 4.0m maximum height.

• Zinc coated heating surface
• Fully insulated to reduce heat losses through the rear panel surface
• Fits into standard "T" bar suspended ceiling
• White finish as standard, other colours available on special order

• Thermal overload-protection
• 1.0m power cable
• Available in white (RAL 9016)
• Mounting heights for ceiling products: 2.5m min to 4.0m max

These infrared heaters are designed to work with our range of electric underfloor heating thermostats.

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Heater Size Option:
EcoSun 300 U+ - Dimensions: 592x592x30mm, Output: 300watts 83.82
EcoSun 600 U+ - Dimensions: 1192x592x30mm, Output: 600watts 122.61
EcoSun 850 U+ - Dimensions: 1192x800x30mm, Output: 850watts 147.57

Our Price:83.82 Including Next Day Delivery
(100.58 Including VAT at 20%)