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ThermRite™ Timber Suspended Floor / Battened Floor Insulation Panel - 3 Grooves at 115mm centres

ThermRite Timber Suspended Floor / Battened Floor Insulation Panel - 3 Grooves at 115mm centres


ThermRite™ 40mm Timber Suspended Floor / Battened Floor System suitable for both domestic and commercial applications
Simply lay the panels between joists or battens, install the pipe and cover with an interlocking plywood or chipboard floor

1200 x 350 x 40mm Panel -- 3 grooves at 115mm centres - High output pipe spacings ideally suitable for higher heat loss areas and lower water temperatures

Ideally suited to existing joisted or battened floors where low height water system is required - Our grooved foil covered insulation panels are of a unique design and provide many advantages over other insulation products when used with our 16mm pipe warm water underfloor heating systems.

Effectively four products in one, these Insulation Panels comprise a rigid thermal insulation material with 'bulb' grooves at 115mm spacings positioned in the upper surface. The upper surface has a metallized foil bonded to it, following into the grooves, which acts as a radiant surface improving heat transfer and reducing system start up times.

The grooves in the insulation securely retain our 16mm Pex-Al-Pex pipe in the correct position, eliminating the need for supplementary fixings.

PANEL SIZE: Length- 1200, Width- 350, Depth- 40mm - Panels are designed to fit between standard joist spacing of 50mm joists/battens @ 400mm centres (Each panel = 0.42m²)
CONSTRUCTION: Expanded Polystyrene - Grade EPS100
DESIGN: 3 grooves @ 115mm centres + 'bulb' returns

Minimum order: 24 Boards (10.0m²)

Our Price:7.95 Including Next Day Delivery
(9.54 Including VAT at 20%)