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Heatmiser SmartStat - WiFi Connected Thermostat

Heatmiser SmartStat - WiFi Connected Thermostat

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SmartStat is our all new WiFi Connected Thermostat with Full Colour LCD.
Control your new or existing heating system from anywhere - simply log into your home heating system via your smartphone
The most cost effective Smart Thermostat.

SmartStat doesn't require a hub and as SmartStat connects via our Cloud Server, setup is a dream and will take minutes. SmartStat is the perfect choice for those with a combi boiler and an existing wired thermostat.

The Smartstat is a 230/240v fully programmable thermostat with a volt free switch. Up to 32 zones can be controlled from the SmartStat App and what's more the Geo Location feature ensures you never heat an empty home.
Control from your SmartPhone - SmartStat has built in WiFi so connects directly to your Home Router. As SmartStat connects to your SmartPhone via our cloud server setup is a dream and will take minutes - no technical setup here. SmartStat is compatible with iPhone & iPad and with Android SmartPhones & Tablets.

Simple installation is key with Smartstat - the Smartstat has been designed to replace an existing three wire thermostat, and after joining the zone to the router, remote control is possible.

The Smartstat can be configured to work as a thermostat or as a timer- so if you want to take control of your towel rails, or lighting - Smartstat offers you this and more!

For remote air sensing or floor sensing, or for use in conjunction with bathrooms, simply add a sensor probe or thimble
The Smartstat can be used with our UH4 & UH8 Wiring centres to control multiple water heating zones

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