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Single Stainless Steel Towel Rail

Single Stainless Steel Towel Rail

A Single Rail Stainless Steel Towel Rail to complement your Glass Radiator

Designed to fit our range of designer glass radiators. Suitable for vertically wall mounted radiators in bathroom applications. They are available as a single or double towel rail. The rails are made from polished stainless steel .

(Price includes the Stainless Steel Rails only - Glass radiator must be purchased seperately)

Towel Rail Size Options:
530mm Wide (for 500mm wide radiator) (+0.00)
630mm Wide (for 600mm wide radiator) (+8.50)
830mm Wide (for 800mm wide radiator) (+10.50)

Our Price:45.00 Including Next Day Delivery
(54.00 Including VAT at 20%)