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Pipe Reaming Tools

Pipe Reaming Tools

Professional reaming tool designed to bevell and round pipes in preparation for insertion of pipe fittings.
Insert the end of this tool into the pipe and within a couple of turns the strategically placed blade will bevell the end of the pipe whilst de-burring and rounding, to ensure correct preparation for installation of the pipe fittings.
Ideal for use with our Pex-Al-Pex pipes. Essential tool to be used prior to installing fittings.

Each Reaming Tool is suitable for 3 different pipe sizes - Choose from the options below:

Reaming Tool Options
12mm - 16mm - 20mm Pipe Reamer (+0.00)
20mm - 25mm - 32mm Pipe Reamer (+4.50)

Our Price:4.50 Including Next Day Delivery
(5.40 Including VAT at 20%)