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Radiant Pew Heater EcoSun CH

Radiant Pew Heater EcoSun CH

The EcoSun CH infrared heating panel is ideal for churches which have fixed pews in place.

The CH radiant panel fits under the pew. It does not waste energy heating the air in a large builting such as a church. Instead the panels directly heat the people in the immediate vicinty.
The panels aslo provide almost instantaneous warmth. They can be operated just a few minutes before the congregation arrives and still ensure a warm welcome.
EcoSun CH panels are extremely unobtrusive. They are painted matt black, and attached to the underside of fixed pews.
The panels are completely silent and require very little maintenance. Each EcoSun CH can be operated independantly. This helps keen running costs to a minimum.

• Localised heating - heat only the areas required
• Includes protestive girlles to prevent direct contact with the heating surface
• Matt black finish
• Designed for horizontal mounting under pew benches

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Heater Size Option:
EcoSun CH02 - Dimensions: 730x155x115mm, Output: 260watts 134.78
EcoSun CH04 - Dimensions: 1096x155x115mm, Output: 400watts 144.90
EcoSun CH06 - Dimensions: 1596x155x115mm, Output: 600watts 162.00

Our Price:134.78 Including Next Day Delivery
(161.74 Including VAT at 20%)