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Professional Design - Supply - Consultation

Comprehensive No Obligation Quotation Service

For a comprehensive no obligation quotation please complete as many details as possible below. If you have a floor plan, please then attach it using the "Upload your Plans" box at the foot of this form. If you do not have a floor plan please include details of room dimensions in the "Any Other Details" box below.

You can attach 1 floor plan to this email (insert it at the bottom of this form). If you have multiple floor plans to send please first complete and send the form below, then send your plans to us as a seperate email attachment to design@tfhw.co.uk

NOTE: In the "Any Further Details" box, please confirm which installation method best suits your requirements:
- "In-Screed System" (Heating System laid then screeded over with minimum 50mm screed)
- "Overlay System" (Heating System installed on top of an existing screed or wood floor)
- "In-Joist System" (Heating System laid between joists, under wood/chipboard floor)

Floor Constructions:

*denotes a required field