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PRIME IT: Multi Surface Primer

PRIME IT: Multi Surface Primer

Multi Surface Floor & Board Primer - the ideal solution for Priming floors and boards in preperation for bonding down both our ThermRite™ PRO & Solid Floor Insulation panels.

UltraFloor Prime IT Multi-surface Primer is a moisture tolerant, water based acrylic primer, sealer and bonding aid, suitable for porous and non-porous substrates. Prime IT MSP can stabilise and consolidate the substrate surface and reduce the absorbency enabling subsequent materials to flow, cure and bond successfully. It is recommended for use between layers of smoothing underlayments when multi layer applications are being carried out to minimise pinholes and maximise interlayer adhesion.

• Moisture tolerant
• Enhances adhesion
• Reduces pinholing
• Coverage: 200m² at 3:1 dilution
• Can be used as a curing agent
• Size: 5ltr
• Calculation for porous surfaces is based on applying one coat at 3:1 dilution, followed by one coat at 1:1 dilution
• Conforms to CT C35 F6 EN 13813 classification
• Calculation for non-porous surfaces is based on applying one neat coat of MSP
• Lifetime guarantee

Click here for the PRIME IT MSP Data Sheet

Our Price:37.95 Including Next Day Delivery
(45.54 Including VAT at 20%)