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Mitsubishi Ecodan Pre-plumbed Solar Cylinders

Mitsubishi Ecodan Pre-plumbed SOLAR Cylinder

Mitsubishi Ecodan Pre-plumbed SOLAR Cylinder

The pre-plumbed solar cylinder comes complete with integrated hydraulic components and advanced controls.
Designed to integrate with the Ecodan monobloc air source heat pump range, the solar cylinder provides improved performance and faster heat up times through the use of plate heat exchanger technology. Fast commissioning via an SD card and energy monitoring functions are now included.

Key Features:
- Optional 2-zone energy efficient space heating control
- Pre-plumbed and wired for faster installation
- Hybrid function, for use with conventional boilers
- Energy monitoring as standard

Cylinder Package is supplied with the Mitsubishi Electric’s fifth generation controller (FTC5) includes intelligent room temperature control as standard.
This together with advanced weather compensation ensures the system delivers efficient, comfortable heating regardless of the season. FTC5 now also includes energy monitoring showing consumed and produced energy.

Cylinder includes: Flow Temperature Controller (FTC5) with Main Controller and Temperature Sensors, Magnetic & Cyclonic Filter, Pumps & Valves for Zone 1 and DHW use, Flow Sensor, Plate Heat Exchanger, Scale Trap, 3kW Immersion Heater and Expansion Vessel.
*1 MCB Sizes BS EN60898-2 & BS EN60947-2 *2 Optional 2 zone accessory pack available

Click here for the Cylinder Product Manual
Cylinder Size:
210 Litre Pre-Plumbed Solar Cylinder - EHPT21X-UKHSCW (1,685.77)
250 Litre Pre-Plumbed Solar Cylinder - EHPT25X-UKHSCW (1,793.03)
300 Litre Pre-Plumbed Solar Cylinder - EHPT30X-UKHSCW (1,954.88)

Our Price:1,685.77 Including Next Day Delivery
(2,022.92 Including VAT at 20%)