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Mirror Heater Image
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Enjoy a lifetime of mist free mirrors. Suitable for all sizes of bathroom mirror. Available in 4 sizes. A combination of 2 heaters can be combined onto one mirror if required.


The Mirror Heaters consist of a carbon based element similar to our Ecofilm elements. They are low profile, low power, 230 volt, with a self adhesive coating designed to adhere to any mirror. They are resistant to moisture and vibration. The adhesive backing covers the entire surface and is designed to act as a safety film.

Measuring up

Simply measure the size of the mirror you wish to heat then pick the heater which is slightly smaller than the mirror.

The heater pad must be no closer than 100mm to the edge of the mirror around the entire perimeter.

A combination of two or more pads can be used on the same mirror if required.


Mirror demisters can be fitted to any normal mirrors, including mirrors with safety backing. We advise against fitting to mirrors with foil or copper backing.

To install simply peel off the protective paper and stick to the back of the mirror. Connect to the lighting circuit or a prewired circuit.

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