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Infrared High Output Space Heater - EcoSun S+

Infrared High Output Space Heater - EcoSun S+

Ecosun S+ High Output Infrared Panels are an ideal way of providing thermal comfort in commercial and industrial buildings. They are specifically designed for high level mounting.
They can be horizontally ceiling mounted with an auxilliary frame or suspended on drop rods or chains. They are only 60mm deep and typical applications include large volume spaces where conventional warm air convection heating systems would be uneconomic.
These include ; Supermarkets, Gymnasiums, Showrooms, Factories and Warehouses.

• Localised Heating- only warm the area required e.g. work stations
• Suspended or ceiling mounted. Ecosun radiant heat panels provide totally usable floor and wall space and reduce the risk of damage or vandalism.
• Higher ventilation and air extract rates do not significantly effect the radiant performance of Ecosun panels which primarily warm the fabric of the heated area.
• Gentle infrared heat results in improved comfort conditions at lower inside ambient temperature - providing comfort conditions at lower running costs.
• Infrared heating does not cause air convection currents, therefore minimising dust movement and provides a clean, draft free environmen
• Ecosun panels are constructed using a rod heating element encapsulated within a special aluminium extrusion profile. The surface area of the aluminium profile is treated with a silicating process which substancially increases its surface area and its ability to emit heat. The result is a high efficiency, low maintenance heater suitable for commercial and industrial environments.

• Attractive power coated casing (RAL9010 off white) & grey radiating faceplate.
• Fully insulated galvanised casing with class O foil backed 25mm thick insulation
• Ceiling mounting frame included in installation kit
• Heating panel surface temperature - approx 350 C
• Protection: Class1 , IP x 4, Cable gland to IP44
• Thermo crystal high emissivity heating panel

Due to the high power outputs Ecosun S+ electric heating panels must be installed to the following minimum distances from:
• Radiant surfaces ( up to 260 C ) 1000mm
• Back side of panel 100mm
• Wall 1500mm Floor 3500mm

These electric heating panels are designed to work with our range of air sensing thermostats

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Heater Size Option:
EcoSun S+09 - Dimensions: 1550x150x60mm, Output: 900watts 127.83
EcoSun S+12 - Dimensions: 1550x150x60mm, Output: 1200watts 134.21
EcoSun S+18 - Dimensions: 1550x250x60mm, Output: 1800watts 184.96
EcoSun S+24 - Dimensions: 1550x250x60mm, Output: 2400watts 194.21
EcoSun S+30 - Dimensions: 1550x350x60mm, Output: 3000watts 240.16
EcoSun S+36 - Dimensions: 1550x350x60mm, Output: 3600watts 252.17

Our Price:127.83 Including Next Day Delivery
(153.40 Including VAT at 20%)