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Ice Prevention & Snow Melting Cable Mats

Ice Prevention & Snow Melting Cable Mats

In the winter months, serious injury can occur from the formation of ice on work platforms in warehouse loading bays or on entrance walkways to busy public buildings etc. This potential hazard can easily be minimised by installing an ice prevention system.

In the case of snow fall, an ice prevention system will quickly melt any snow that falls providing clear, access for pedestrians and vehicles on pavements and drives.

MPSV heating cables are rated at 20 Watts/m and used for ice and snow melting of outdoor areas and other applications where the cable is embedded in concrete.

The most common application in industry is heating of ramp or loading platforms in factories and warehouses, where an ice prevention system can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure work can be carried out at all times. There are however a variety of applications for ice and snow melting. All these applications can be kept free from ice and snow so heavy salting and snow shovelling are avoided. These include: car parks; garage drive ways; pavements and outdoor steps.

- Approved to IEC 60800
- 20W/m provides clear, safe access for pedestrians and vehicles on pavements and drives.
- Tough & durable heating cable
- Suitable under concrete, paviours and asphalt
- 4.8-5.6mm thick heating cable with UV protective outer insulation
- 230V supply, IP 67 Rated
- Single conductor cable with full screen protection
- Power loading - 20W/m
- 2 x 5m cold connection leads
- Temperature range - -20C up to + 80C

Click here for: Detailed Ice Prevention & Snow Melting Mat Information
Cable Mat Size Options:
Coverage 1.5m² (3.0mx0.5m) Output: 450watts (+0.00)
Coverage 2.0m² (4.0mx0.5m) Output: 600watts (+18.00)
Coverage 3.0m² (6.0mx0.5m) Output: 900watts (+44.00)
Coverage 4.0m² (8.0mx0.5m) Output: 1200watts (+58.00)
Coverage 5.0m² (10.0mx0.5m) Output: 1500watts (+95.00)
Coverage 6.0m² (12.0mx0.5m) Output: 1800watts (+124.00)
Coverage 7.0m² (14.0mx0.5m) Output: 2100watts (+143.00)
Coverage 8.0m² (16.0mx0.5m) Output: 2400watts (+156.00)
Coverage 9.0m² (18.0mx0.5m) Output: 2700watts (+188.00)
Coverage 10.0m² (20.0mx0.5m) Output: 3000watts (+204.00)
Coverage 12.0m² (24.0mx0.5m) Output: 3600watts (+267.00)
Coverage 15.0m² (30.0mx0.5m) Output: 4500watts (+308.00)
Coverage 20.0m² (40.0mx0.5m) Output: 6000watts (+506.00)

Our Price:68.00 Including Next Day Delivery
(81.60 Including VAT at 20%)