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High Performance GROOVED Dry Screed Overlay Cement Boards for underfloor heating

High Performance GROOVED Dry Screed Overlay Cement Boards for underfloor heating

Low Profile, High Strength, Grooved Cement Boards to enable tiling directly on top.

At only 18mm thick, and designed for use with our 12mm pipe, these cement boards are ideally suited to a low profile design that requires tiling on top.

4 grooves at 150mm centres for 12mm Pipe

Tongue and Groove interlocking glued joints - No screws required.

Our High density overlay floor boards are ideally suited for underfloor heating and feature a tongue and groove edge detail (no screws) and benefit from high impact resistance. These boards increase the efficiency of an under floor heating board system due to their low thermal resistance and rapid heat transfer characteristics.

Used in conjunction with a strip of our Pre-Insulated Profix Panels at either end of the room to enable turning and routing of pipes, these Grooved Cement Boards offer an ideal fast-fit, low profile and high output underfloor heating system. They can be installed directly onto both screed or wood floors and to maximise efficiency a layer of out 6mm or 10mm insulation boards can be used below the boards to limit any downward heat loss.

Our screed boards enable underfloor heating, boilers, ground water heat pumps and heat recovery systems to work at maximum efficiency and deliver comfortable, controllable heat to the occupant quicker than traditional floor finishes.
Joint Adhesive must be used on all joints (Available seperately - see item below)

Board Height: 18mm
Board Size: 1200 x 600mm
Grooves: 4 @ 150mm Centres for 12mm pipe
Board Coverage: 0.72m²

- Very low thermal resistance (0.045m /kW)
- High thermal conductivity (0.40W/mK)
- Low thermal expansion
- Only 18mm thick
- Doesn't contract or expand like chipboard when exposed to water
- High impact resistance
- Tongue & groove edge detail - no screws required
- Quick and easy to install
- Accepts ceramic tiles

Minimum Order: 10 Boards (7.2m²)

Click here for: Detailed Product Information

Additional Installation Option: Combine these boards with a row of our Insulated Turning Panels on your pipe turns to create a complete, high output overlay solution. (Select below:)

Our Price: (24 or fewer items)22.70 Including Next Day Delivery
(27.24 Including VAT at 20%)

Our Price: (25 or more items)20.45 Including Next Day Delivery
(24.54 Including VAT at 20%)

Click here for: Illustration of Grooved Cement Boards with Profix Turning Panels


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