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Heatmiser neoKit 2 V2 - App Controllable HomeKit-Enabled Smart Thermostat

Heatmiser neoKit 2  V2  - App Controllable HomeKit-Enabled Smart Thermostat

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Control your new or existing heating system from anywhere - simply log into your home heating system via your smartphone

The HomeKit-Enabled Heatmiser neoKit 2 includes 1 neoStat V2, 1 neoStat-hw V2 and a neoHub (2nd generation), allowing you to take control of your heating and hot water from anywhere.

HomeKit Features:
- Siri Voice Control: With HomeKit, you can ask Siri to set your Neo in each room to the desired temperature.
- Control from inside iOS: HomeKit accessories, including Neo, can be controlled straight from the Control Centre in iOS. This means you no longer need to open the Neo app to make a quick temperature adjustment.
- Automation Rules: Rules can be setup that can trigger Neo and your other HomeKit accessories. There are many triggers, but it could be when you arrive home, open a window or door or at sunset.
- Scenes: A scene on HomeKit works across all of your HomeKit devices, setting up your Smart Home just got easier. A Movie Time scene could raise your Neo temperature, Lock the Doors and lower the blinds. Now that's smart!

Upgrading your system is as easy as swapping your existing thermostat to the new neoStat and plugging the neoHub into your router. Control of your heating system is then possible from your iOS, Android or Windpws Phone.

Neo is mesh based, automatically routing the communication data around your home via other neoStats. The neohub communicates with the Heatmiser Cloud server which means no technical computer knowledge or fixed IP address are required.

Simple installation is key with Neo. neoStat has been designed to replace an existing three wire thermostat, and after joining the zone to the neoHub, remote control is possible.

The neoStat can be configured to work as a thermostat or as a timer- so if you want to take control of your towel rails, or lighting - Neo offers you this and more!

For remote air sensing or floor sensing, or for use in conjunction with bathrooms, simply add a sensor probe
The neoStat can be used with our UH4 & UH8 Wiring centres to control multiple water heating zones

Geo Location Feature
UK/Euro/Australian Adaptor Included
Heating Control
IFTTT Compatible
Apple Watch Support
Remote Firmware Update
Published API

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