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HeatBoard Premium Straight Panels

HeatBoard Premium Straight Panels

The Ideal System for Joisted Floor Applications
Flooring grade chipboard (22mm) designed to be a full load bearing floor installed directly on top of the floor joists - Pre-grooved for the underfloor heating system to be installed quickly and easily, directly into the floor board.
Consisting of both Slotted and Turning boards, the system is intended for installation on standard wooden joist floors c/c 600 mm max. The construction consists of a load bearing slotted 22 mm chipboard floor, which replaces the standard board in floor constructions. The Aluminium plates are then installed into the grooves on the board, with the pipe then installed within the grooves of the plates.

- Tongue & grooved all round for a solid interlocking fit.
- The board has 3 slots centred at 200 mm for our 16 mm pipe.
- The board is made in two quality classes, Standard and Moisture Resistant (choose below)
- The system requires the Single Heat Distribution Plates (Available below)

Dimensions: Width 600mm, Length: 1800mm, Height: 22mm
Coverage: 1.08m² (Plus turning boards as ordered)

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Minimum Order 15 Boards
Board Grade Options:
Standard 22mm Flooring Grade Chipboard (+0.00)
Moisture Resistant 22mm Flooring Grade Chipboard (+2.00)

Our Price:18.95 Including Next Day Delivery
(22.74 Including VAT at 20%)



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HeatBoard Straight Panels

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Excellent quality prerouted chipboard- so easy to use and promptly delivered. Thanks


HeatBoard Straight Panels

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