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Faral Alliance 95 Aluminium Radiator - 880mm High

Faral Alliance 95 Aluminium Radiator - 880mm High

Smooth Lines to Blend Seamlessly into the Background, Coupled With a High Heat Output

The flat fronted Faral Alliance 95 aluminium radiator is a strong yet elegant styled radiator suitable for either traditional or contemporary properties.
The Faral Alliance range also provide the highest heat output you can achieve and is seen as one of the most energy efficient low water content aluminium radiator available.

Each Radiator is supplied complete with a set of standard fittings:
Top and Bottom wall brackets, nipples / gaskets, bushes & air vent (Valves are not included)

• The maximum operating pressure is 1000 Kpa (10 bar)
• Available in five heights
• Thermal outputs verified & tested to the European EN442 standards
• 10 Year manufacturers warranty
• Standard colour RAL9010
• Ideal for low temperature geothermal and solar systems.
• Suitable for all heating boilers including condensing

Size Choice
880mm High x 340mm Wide, 4 Sections. Output 640 Watts/2184 btu (+0.00)
880mm High x 420mm Wide, 5 Sections. Output 800 Watts/2730 btu (+20.85)
880mm High x 500mm Wide, 6 Sections. Output 960 Watts/3276 btu (+41.70)
880mm High x 580mm Wide, 7 Sections. Output 1120 Watts/3821 btu (+62.55)
880mm High x 660mm Wide, 8 Sections. Output 1280 Watts/4367 btu (+83.40)
880mm High x 740mm Wide, 9 Sections. Output 1440 Watts/4913 btu (+104.25)
880mm High x 820mm Wide, 10 Sections. Output 1600 Watts/5459 btu (+125.10)

Our Price:83.50 Including Next Day Delivery
(100.20 Including VAT at 20%)