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Faral Alba 95 Aluminium Radiator - 780mm High

Faral Alba 95 Aluminium Radiator - 780mm High

Elegant Curves and Symmetry, Coupled With a High Heat Output

The Faral Alba (Italian for dawn) range of Aluminium radiators are a sophisticated style of radiator which are very light in weight and provide easy handling and installation, each section of the Faral Alba radiator has width of 80mm and a depth of 95mm.

Each Radiator is supplied complete with a set of standard fittings:
Top and Bottom wall brackets, nipples / gaskets, bushes & air vent (Valves are not included)

• The maximum operating pressure is 1000 Kpa (10 bar)
• Available in five heights
• Thermal outputs verified & tested to the European EN442 standards
• 10 Year manufacturers warranty
• Standard colour RAL9010
• Ideal for low temperature geothermal and solar systems.
• Suitable for all heating boilers including condensing

Size Choice
780mm High x 260mm Wide, 3 Sections. Output 525 Watts/1791 btu (+0.00)
780mm High x 340mm Wide, 4 Sections. Output 700 Watts/2388 btu (+18.05)
780mm High x 420mm Wide, 5 Sections. Output 875 Watts/2985 btu (+36.10)
780mm High x 500mm Wide, 6 Sections. Output 1050 Watts/3582 btu (+54.15)
780mm High x 580mm Wide, 7 Sections. Output 1225 Watts/4179 btu (+72.20)
780mm High x 660mm Wide, 8 Sections. Output 1400 Watts/4777 btu (+90.25)
780mm High x 740mm Wide, 9 Sections. Output 1575 Watts/5374 btu (+108.30)
780mm High x 820mm Wide, 10 Sections. Output 1750 Watts/5971 btu (+126.35)

Our Price:54.16 Including Next Day Delivery
(64.99 Including VAT at 20%)