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Ecofilm Elements - 500mm wide @ 130 watts/m2

500mm wide Ecofilm Underfloor Heating Element - 130 watts/m

500mm wide Ecofilm Underfloor Heating Element - 130 watts/m²

Our Price:26.37 Including Next Day Delivery
(31.64 Including VAT at 20%)


Element Dimension Choices:
500mm Wide x 2000mm Long (+0.00)
500mm Wide x 2500mm Long (+3.51)
500mm Wide x 3000mm Long (+7.02)
500mm Wide x 3500mm Long (+10.53)
500mm Wide x 4000mm Long (+14.04)
500mm Wide x 4500mm Long (+17.55)
500mm Wide x 5000mm Long (+21.06)
500mm Wide x 5500mm Long (+24.57)
500mm Wide x 6000mm Long (+28.08)
500mm Wide x 6500mm Long (+31.59)
500mm Wide x 7000mm Long (+35.10)
500mm Wide x 7500mm Long (+38.61)
500mm Wide x 8000mm Long (+42.12)
500mm Wide x 8500mm Long (+45.63)
500mm Wide x 9000mm Long (+49.14)
500mm Wide x 9500mm Long (+52.65)
500mm Wide x 10000mm Long (+56.16)

ECOFILMSET Underfloor Heating Elements are available in three different widths with standard lengths up to 10m. The element lengths can be reduced on site if necessary and are supplied as standard with 5m “cold tails”. Available in two standard power dissipations: 130 Watts/m2 for internal living areas and 160 Watts/m2 for conservatories and areas of high heat loss..

For Wood floor heating in wet areas e.g bathrooms/shower rooms, you should use our ECOFOIL Product.

INCLUDES - Installation Manual & LIFETIME Guarantee


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