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Ecofilm Heating Element Kits
Ecofilm Heating Element Kits
Ecofilm Image

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Kit Contents

- Lengths of Ecofilm element
- 7 day digital thermostatic programmer
- 6 mm Depron insulation
- Polyester Vapour Barrier
- Floor sensing probe (3m)
- Floor sensor protective conduit tube
- Adhesive fixing tape
- Comprehensive installation manual
- Manufacturers Guarantee


Ecofilm is the ideal way to heat solid timber, engineered boards and laminate floors. It is used extensively to heat homes across Scandinavia. The ultra thin - approximately 0.3mm - but tough carbon based heating film can be installed directly under wood or laminate floors, on a layer of 6mm Depron insulation - supplied as part of the kit - to give quicker heat up times and eleviate the need for an underlay.

Element Construction Image

Element Construction

Ecofilm consists of a specially formulated semi-conductive medium, coated onto polyester film. Power is fed to the film via copper electrodes fixed to the longitudinal edges of the heating areas. The structure is insulated by a lamination of polyester based film that totally covers the element and is wider than the heating area, forming strong clear edges that are designed to accept subsequent fixing to sub-floor surfaces. The element can be cut if required along the cutting lines marked on its surface for final trimming. The element provides a standard 130 watts/m2.
For conservatory situations we will supply an increased output element of 160 watts/m2 (at no extra cost). To optimise efficiency in conservatories, we would recommend the use of a double layer of Depron insulation (if floor levels allow).

Measuring up

Measuring up could'nt be simpler, just measure your room size, then click on the link below to enter the shop and pick the kit size which your room falls into and purchase this kit online. Once you have ordered the kit we will contact you to acquire room dimensions, or if you prefer you can enter your room dimensions into the Contact Us page. This will enable us to design and build the system to your exact requirements.
Delivery can be next day as long as we have received accurate dimensions or a floor plan if required.

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1. Create a groove in the sub floor to accomodate the floor probe tube.
2. Fit the Depron to the foor and tape the joints between the boards.
3. Roll out the lenghs of Ecofilm as shown on your supplied fitting plan. Tape the lengths to the Depron.
4. Cut away sections of the Depron with a knife to accomodate the supply cables which run back to the thermostat, tape over the cables.
5. Insert the floor probe into the tubing. A fully qualified electrician must now make the final electrical connections and fit the thermostat.

All Ecofilm kits are supplied complete with a comprehensive installation manual.

The polyester vapour barrier is layed over the entire heating element prior to fitting the floor. This provides added protection from mechanical damage as well as preventing moisture ingress.

For installation pictures see our Images section.

Laying the Depron InsulationLaying the Depron Insulation
Ecofilm Elements in positionEcofilm Elements in position
Layup of the Ecofilm system.Layup of the Ecofilm system.

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