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Ecofilm Pro Kit - For wood/laminate

Ecofilm Pro Kit - For wood/laminate

Click here for: Detailed Ecofilm Underfloor Heating Information

ECOFILM PRO is a complete heating solution in a box, for wood, laminate and engineered wood floors.

Kit Includes:
- Roll of 500mm wide ECOFILM (130 watts/m2)
- Heating Element Connection Crimps
- Cold Tail Connection Leads (Brown & Blue)
- Mastic Tape
- Green Polyester Tape Disks
- FREE Ratchet Crimping Tool
- Full Installation Instructions
- LIFETIMEGuarantee

Approved to EN60335-2-96 as required by the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2008)
These kits must be installed by a qualified electrician.

Kit Size:
5m² Ecofilm Pro Kit 107.25
10m² Ecofilm Pro Kit 174.75
15m² Ecofilm Pro Kit 242.25
20m² Ecofilm Pro Kit 309.75

Our Price:107.25 Including Next Day Delivery
(128.70 Including VAT at 20%)