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Ecofilm Element Kit 6.1 - 7.0m2

Ecofilm Element Kit 6.1 - 7.0m2

Click here for: Detailed Ecofilm Underfloor Heating Information

For total room areas from 6.1 to 7.0 m2

Kit Includes:
Aube TH232 Digital Programmable Thermostat & Floor Sensor Probe (Upgradeable to Wireless, Remote APP Controllable and Touchscreen options)
- Ecofilm Heating Elements
- 6mm Floor Insulation
- Polyester Vapour Barrier
- Probe Protection Conduit
- Fixing Tape
- Commoning Blocks
- Installation Manual & LIFETIME Guarantee

Select your system - 130 watts/m2 supplied as standard. For Conservatories select the 160 watt/m2 system from the list below.

System Choice:

Upgrade your Thermostat to Wireless, Remote APP Controllable and Touchscreen Versions - Available in a choice of colours

Thermostat Alternatives (Click below):

Our Price:242.55 Including Next Day Delivery
(291.06 Including VAT at 20%)



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