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ECOFLOOR Electric Underfloor Heating Mats - 160watts/m²

ECOFLOOR Electric Underfloor Heating Mats - 160watts/m

ECOFLOOR electric underfloor heating mats are made of a heating cable attached to a fibreglass mesh scrim. The mat can simply be rolled out onto the floor, making installation quick and easy. The mats come complete with double sided tape on the underside so they can easily be fixed to any clean surface.

Approved to EN60335-2-96 as required by the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2008)
- Quick installation - Simply roll out the electric underfloor heating mat & fix to the floor
- Suitable for tile, stone, slate and marble floor finishes
- Continuous metallic earth screen to ensure electrical safety
- Low build height - Minimal floor height build up
- Suitable for use in wet areas
- EMC Safe

Click here for the Product Manual
Mat Size
0.5m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² - Dims: 0.5x0.9m - Output 70watts 24.95
0.8m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² - Dims: 0.5x1.6m - Output 130watts 29.80
1.3m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² -Dims: 0.5x2.6m -Output 210watts 34.80
1.6m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² -Dims: 0.5x3.2m -Output 260watts 41.85
2.1m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² -Dims: 0.5x4.2m -Output 340watts 49.90
2.6m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² -Dims: 0.5x5.2m -Output 410watts 57.95
3.0m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² -Dims: 0.5x6.0m -Output 500watts 61.15
3.35m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² -Dims: 0.5x6.7m -Output 560watts 79.50
4.15m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² -Dims: 0.5x8.3m -Output 670watts 83.35
5.1m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² -Dims: 0.5x10.2m -Output 810watts 98.20
6.15m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² -Dims: 0.5x12.3m-Output 1000watts 114.60
7.55m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² -Dims: 0.5x15.1m-Output 1210watts 131.35
8.8m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² -Dims: 0.5x17.6m-Output 1400watts 153.20
11.0m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² -Dims: 0.5x22.0m-Output 1800watts 160.95
13.3m² Coverage @ 160watts/m² -Dims: 0.5x26.6m-Output 2150watts 218.85
16.25m² Coverage @ 160watts/m²-Dims: 0.5x32.5m-Output 2600watts 287.15


Our Price:37.00 Including Next Day Delivery
(44.40 Including VAT at 20%)