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Desk or Pew Heater EcoSun K+

Desk or Pew Heater EcoSun K+

The EcoSun K+ is a great choice for heating desks or churches with fixed pews in place.

The radiant heating panel fits to the front panel of a pew or desk. It is designed to heating people in the immediate vicinity. Each panel can be operated independantly, which keeps heating costs to a minimum.
The radiant heaters also provide almost instaneous heat, so the panels can be switched on just moments before the congregation or staff arrive.
EcoSun K+ panels are extremely unobtrusive. They are painted dark brown and when fitted to the front or a traditional pew or desk, they are barely noticeable.

• Localised heating - heat only the areas required
• Maintenance free
• Lightweight for easy installtion
• 100W, 200W, 270W, 330W and 400W outputs available

• Zinc coated steel radiating surface
• Fully insulated rear panel
• 1.9m power cable
• Available in brown (RAL 0240)
• Voltage: 230V, 50Hz

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Heater Size Option:
EcoSun 100 K+ - Dimensions: 500x320x30mm, Output: 100watts 56.25
EcoSun 200 K+ - Dimensions: 750x320x30mm, Output: 200watts 65.25
EcoSun 270 K+ - Dimensions: 1000x320x30mm, Output: 270watts 75.61
EcoSun 330 K+ - Dimensions: 1250x320x30mm, Output: 330watts 85.74
EcoSun 400 K+ - Dimensions: 1500x320x30mm, Output: 400watts 96.75

Our Price:56.25 Including Next Day Delivery
(67.50 Including VAT at 20%)