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Designer Glass Radiator - Mirror

Designer Glass Radiator - Mirror

The designer range of glass radiant panels offer an ultra modern, visually stunning range of heaters that will enhance any room’s aesthetics. Primarily intended for heating living areas they could equally be used in commercial applications in offices and reception areas.

The heaters use advanced infrared heating technology which works by warming the people and objects in a room rather than the air around them. This provides an energy efficient and cost effective choice for the future.

- Available in five different finishes: mirror, white, black, red or green.
- A frameless design with 8mm toughened glass and honed edges.
- Hidden wall brackets are supplied for discreet mounting of the unit.
- Intended for wall mounted installation. (Optional chrome legs available if preferred)
- Supplied with connection lead for hard wiring.
- Rated to IP44

Radiator Dimension Choices:
900 x 600mm - 500 Watts Output (8mm Glass) (+0.00)
1200 x 800mm - 900 Watts Output (8mm Glass) (+210.00)

Our Price:385.00 Including Next Day Delivery
(462.00 Including VAT at 20%)


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