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Copper Connector. FlexiGas to Copper Pipe

Copper Connector. FlexiGas to Copper Pipe

FlexiGas to Copper Connector - (Compression Fit)

Connect FlexiGas pipe to standard Copper pipe with this specifically deigned comression fitting.

Designed for domestic and commercial gas installations.
Due to the numerous benefits, FlexiGas is the expert choice for plumbers who are looking for an efficient, lightweight, flexible alternative to rigid copper or steel.

FlexiGas™ typically saves 50%-75% of the time required for copper or steel installations. Because of the semi rigid nature of the tubing, FlexiGas™ can be bent by hand and passed through interior spaces easily, in a similar fashion to electrical cable, resulting in fewer fittings being used.

The FlexiGas™ system is approved by BSI under the KiteMark certification scheme (number 598726) and is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 15266:2007.

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Fitting Size:
15mm FlexiGas to 15mm Copper Pipe 6.56
22mm FlexiGas to 22mm Copper Pipe 11.08
28mm FlexiGas to 22mm Copper Pipe 12.78
28mm FlexiGas to 28mm Copper Pipe 13.90
32mm FlexiGas to 28mm Copper Pipe 23.08
32mm FlexiGas to 35mm Copper Pipe 26.68

Our Price:6.56 Including Next Day Delivery
(7.87 Including VAT at 20%)