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Central Control - Heatmiser Touchpad

Central Control - Heatmiser Touchpad

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Designed to work with our 12v Network Thermostats, the Heatmiser TouchPad provides central control of your home heating system

The Heatmiser TouchPad gives central control of your home heating system.
Designed to work in conjunction with the UH1 wiring centre and 12v Network thermostats, the TouchPad is an optional extra, but for properties with a large number of rooms, it really is a time saver!
One useful function is the ability to place all of the rooms into holiday mode - something you wouldn't necessarily
do if you had to walk around each room.

The All New Heatmiser TouchPad features a TFT colour touch screen, giving you central control of up to 32 zones of heating. There really is no better way to take control of your heating. You are able to give each thermostat a name allowing you to easily identify each thermostat on the network.

Remotely program the comfort levels of all network thermostats from one central point and copy program settings from one thermostat to another across the network.

Our Price:193.33 Including Next Day Delivery
(232.00 Including VAT at 20%)