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32mm Pex to 28mm Copper Adaptor - Compression Fit

32mm Pex to 28mm Copper Adaptor - Compression Fit

The ideal fitting for connecting Pex-Al-Pex Pipe to Copper pipe.

32mm Pex to 28mm Copper Adaptors (Compression fit both ends)

- High quality plated brass construction
- Easily installed and disassembled with spanner
- Double 'o' ring secure seal
- Safe and fast installation.
- WRAS certified. (UK Certified for use with drinking water installations).

WRAS Approved - This product has been granted WRAS approval enabling it to be used in all domestic plumbing applications including drinking water (potable water) installations - as well as central heating and underfloor heating applications.

Our Price:8.97 Including Next Day Delivery
(10.76 Including VAT at 20%)


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32mm Pex to 28mm Copper Adaptor - Compression Fit

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Problem arose which was not of there making and they were very helpful in enabling me to resolve the issue